The Interstate Move Process

WheatonWhen the moving van arrives, the moving crew will immediately set up your home for loading or delivery. We use our custom “Home Protection System” to make sure your home is protected. We pad your front door with a thick custom cover, we protect banisters, railings, and doorjambs with specialized pads. We also use neoprene or cardboard floor protection to assure your hardwood does not get scratched.

After the driver completes his walkthrough with you to cover paperwork and define your specific needs he will then complete a through “descriptive inventory” of all items within your shipment. The inventory will describe the nature and condition of each item that will ship on the van. Each item will be referenced by a sticker and corresponding number. At delivery, you will have the opportunity to check each item off the inventory to verify your have received everything and to verify the condition of each item.

The driver and his crew will carefully breakdown the beds, dining tables and any other items requiring breakdown for safe transit. These items will be re-assembled at your new home. Each item will be carefully wrapped in clean furniture pads. Upholstered furniture will be shrink wrapped in protective plastic. This happens before your furnishings are removed from your residence to offer the best protection from start to finish.

After the van is loaded, the driver will cover the necessary paperwork with you and confirm the delivery information. The van will be weighed with your household goods on board. (The truck is weighed before your shipment is loaded at the same scale.)

Once the driver arrives at your new home, the process will be reversed. Please keep in mind that it is normal policy for the driver to collect your move charges before unloading via certified funds or cash. It is an option to use a major credit card for the move charges but the office staff must handle this in advance.

Your new residence is protected again with our “Home Protection System” before the delivery begins. You will have the opportunity to compare your inventories with the items as they are being unloaded. Once the pieces are in the correct room, the crew members will unwrap each piece and place it in its correct spot. Each item that was broken down at origin will be re-assembled at destination.

Before the driver and crew leaves your residence, they will do a final walkthrough to make sure that none of your belongings were damaged in transit and to make sure that your furnishings are in the correct location.

Packing For Your Interstate Move

Most shippers prefer to pass the burden of packing on to the professionals to avoid the risk of damage. Your Certified Moving Consultant will be happy to discuss cost and options. Secure Moving professional packers can pack most homes in 1-2 days.

If you plan on packing yourself, you are assuming a major portion of the responsibility for the success of your move. This includes having everything properly packed and ready for loading when the van arrives. For more information on packing, please visit the section entitled Pack Like A Pro