Many items can be safely moved without being packed in a box. We request that lamps, lampshades, artwork, glass, pictures, closets, kitchen, electronics, etc, be packed for safe transportation. We will be happy to assist you in professionally packing any of the above items.

These fragile and high tech displays need to be packed back in the original box or in one of our specially designed TV cartons.

Assuming that your move will take place over one or two days, we generally can move large plants assuming we have the truck space to do so. Please keep in mind that since plants are living creatures, they may not survive the move and we cannot cross state lines with live plants.

Yes. There are many items in the common home that should never be packed and never loaded on a moving van. Most are very obvious but a few are not. They include:

Combustible LiquidsCorrosive LiquidsRubbing AlcoholAcids
AntifreezeBleachCleaning LiquidsExplosives
Black PowderPrimersGlues or CementsFireworks
Aerosol CansAmmunitionGas/Diesel/KeroseneSignal Flares
Compressed GasPoisonsWeed KillerPaint/Stains/Varnish
Welding TanksLighter FluidsPropane TanksPaint Removers
Investment PapersTitles/DeedsPerishable FoodsPhoto Albums

Sometimes. You may leave normal clothing in drawers of sturdy bedroom furniture. Please remove breakables, valuables and heavy items like photo albums and phone books. Antique furniture or furniture with fragile legs or glass door or shelves should be completely emptied.

Kitchen appliances should be clean, empty and dry before being loaded. Sometimes on local moves we can transport a loaded deep freeze if the move will be delivered the same day.

We recommend that you disconnect your washer/dryer before we arrive. If you have a “Front Loading” washing machine, it is very important that the manufacturer supplied shipping bolts be installed to secure the drum. Your Move Consultant will address this issue with you during the on site survey.

Your Moving Consultant will assist you with the planning and time management on your move. Once the in home survey is completed, an accurate estimate of time and cost can be determined.

These challenges occur every day in our industry due to building delays, closing issues, etc, etc. There is never a charge to cancel your move with 24 hours notice. If you have to re-schedule at the last minute, no problem. We will work with you to handle your move on your schedule.

Our moving crews will handle your belongings as safely and professionally as possible. Should damage occur, we will make every effort to repair, compensate, or replace the item(s) up to the limits of liability outlined in your bill of lading. Should the crew find an item with previous damage, they will bring it to your attention.

All of these items can be safely moved but do require special prep work under most circumstances. Your Certified Moving Consultant can evaluate these and similar type items to determine what measures need to be taken.

Current copies of our business license, APSC, DOT, ICC, AMSA, and Alabama Trucking Association certificates are available on request as well as current insurance certificates and proof of workman’s comp coverage.

Estimates are performed based on the information the shipper provides during the estimate. Normal estimating accuracy is within 10% of the final move cost. We can also offer guaranteed price estimates on most local moves. Ask your Certified Moving Consultant for more information.