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Our company believes that when someone pays a professional they expect a professional experience. Secure Moving, Inc. has several standards and practices that other movers in the area cannot match. Once your uniformed crew arrives and before any item is removed from your home, Secure Moving, Inc. will use our custom "Home Protection Kit". This kit provides the best protection of your residence during the moving process. This kit incorporates neoprene floor runners that are applied over hardwood, vinyl, tile, and stone flooring to prevent damage from dollies and traffic. Entryway doors are padded with our custom made door covers, doorjambs are padded in tight situations, and stair railings and banisters are padded for extra protection. It takes your crew less than 10 minutes to set-up the kit and it is always provided at no charge. Before anything is moved, we make sure you are protected.

We will also shrink-wrap your upholstered furniture such as sofas and chairs and will blanket wrap each furniture item in your home before it is taken out of your home. Mattress sets are protected in heavy-duty plastic bags or mattress cartons. These preventative measures provide the best possible protection from the time your treasured furnishings leave your home until they are safely in place at your new home. Other items of concern on your move will be protected when needed with a combination of furniture pads, cardboard, and shrink-wrap This is the case with big screen televisions, grandfather clocks, dining tables, and many antiques. These practices may take a little longer, but our shippers enjoy much better move results with far fewer damage claims as a result. Any necessary breakdown and disassembly will also be performed and we will make sure that each item is in its proper spot at your new home.

You would think that all movers would take these protective steps. Many do not. So we ask this question often. "Would you prefer to sweat it when your mover carries your antique china cabinet to the truck unprotected and simply throws a pad over it when it is loaded; or do you want to relax and see that each item is receiving the attention and care it deserves because it is professionally wrapped in your home before it is moved?" Most local movers do not use stretch wrap. Why? Because it takes an extra 5 minutes for a professional mover to stretch wrap a sofa and cost the mover about 50 cents. Is an extra 5 minutes worth it? We believe so. We do not advertise to be the fastest local movers in town. It takes a little more time to perform the necessary prep work that insures a good move. Once you see our crews work, you will relax and see you made the right choice.

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